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Is Byz.it really free?

Yes, it's completely free.

How many links can I create?

There are no limits, however we do not accept that the service is used for spam or illegal purposes.

Can you give me an example of a link byz?

For example byz.it/pisatower redirects to the Google satellite map of the Pisa Tower.

How long does a created link remain active?

There is no an expiring date currently.

Can I change the address of the landing page where my links redirect?

Of course, once the link has been created you can change its destination at any time by accessing your private area.

Should I put www. before the link?

It is not necessary, however the link works with and without www. or http// https//.

I found a byz link and I would like to know in advance which web page it points to, how should I do it?

Go to the 'Check link page' to know the URL of the landing page.

Is Byz managed by a company?

No, Byz was designed by internet enthusiasts to facilitate access to web resources.



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